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Freedom, Love & Totality
Live the most upgraded, awake and alive version of yourself

I invite you to dive deep into the journey of step 2 together
To be part of a group of leaders, change makers and creators of a new generation who choose to live in the free, wild body of love that we have with a keen and present heart.
This journey is a real, profound and transformative encounter with yourself and with your free intelligent wise, wild and untamed nature.
It is a path of freedom and empowerment with deep service to love, beauty and the sanctity of life.

WhenSeptember 29 – October 2, 2021
Where Hila Farm – Kfar Yehezkel

Early Admission: 2,950 NIS (Instead of 3,200 NIS)
Until 8/29/2021

Can be paid in up to 3 installments

*In case of cancellation up to one month before the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 550 NIS will be charged.

** In case of canceling two weeks before the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 950 NIS will be charged.

For more details and registration please call Ricky +972-544211491 or click here

What will be in STEP 2

  •  Self-initiations,ceremonies, constellation rituals, guided meditations, group dynamics and Temples. And even more importantly .. we will simply dance and sing and have fun.
  • We will explore meeting our taboos and shadows and the meaning of “being me” in the most complete and liberating way. From compact to airy, dark to illuminated, separate to oneness.
  • We will learn and work with shamanic sexuality and create experiential, transformative, healing and empowering spaces that allow us to grow and move like love in the world. Free, wild and beautiful, with a radiant life force – bringing the gift of our being to life.
  • We will explore the desire for deep attachment connection, devotion and unity from working with the fifth element – the void that connects all the elements. We will connect this to our creation, destiny and fulfillment so that we can bring it to all fields in life.
  • We will learn how to move from the void and listen to mystery. To bring what our soul knows in spirit, into matter and body.
  • There will give space for pain, feelings, emotions, and fears within us in a transformative way, so that we can allow room for pleasure and joy. Our own vulnerability can transform into powerful presence.

Who am I inviting to join us?

I invite graduates of my seminars “Awakening to life force”, graduates of ISTA trainings and those who have background and experience in conscious processes that combine work with sexual energy, Tantra and / or Sexual Shamanism.
If you have a profound call to live life to the fullest and do whatever it takes to live through the truth of your heart – to bring the vulnerability and the fire of love as your unique gift of being, this journey is for you.


In order to live in a world that has more love, intimacy and joy, we have to become what we seek.
My passion is to convey practical knowledge that gives keys and tools to a full meaningful life, in which we support each other to grow and live the life we ​​are destined for.
Live, and be who we are in the most complete and fulfilling way, in the innovative version and the most up-to-date of ourselves, and thus to influence the world out of maturity and to increase love in it!

When knowledge is within you it is no longer history, it is you!
Is it your time to join and be part of creating a cross-continental and genders new culture.

Yours with love.

Or Koren
Leads profound journeys in Israel and abroad, processes of transformational emotional work and empowerment in integration with the heart, body, sexuality and consciousness.

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