14 July, 2019

Wild body of love – Retreat – Brazil

By אור קורן|2019-07-14T07:18:13+03:00 14/07/2019|

Wild Body of Love  - BRAZIL English and Portuguese. 24.11.2019 - 30.11.2019 5 day retreat. A meeting of healing and empowerment through vitality, sexuality, and deep listening to the body. Freedom is the art of being me. How is it possible to live the freedom in totality? How can we be more ourselves and bring us [...]

10 June, 2019

Freedom, Love & Totality – Israel – STEP 2

By אור קורן|2021-06-11T11:19:05+03:00 10/06/2019|

STEP 2 Freedom, Love & Totality Live the most upgraded, awake and alive version of yourself I invite you to dive deep into the journey of step 2 together To be part of a group of leaders, change makers and creators of a new generation who choose to live in the free, wild body of love [...]

21 March, 2019

Life Force Awaking, 4 Days Retreat Step 1 – Israel

By אור קורן|2021-06-11T11:13:57+03:00 21/03/2019|

Life force awaking - A journey of liberation, healing and empowerment 4 days Retreat, Israel - January 5-8, 2022 The location of the retreat will be provided upon registration. If you are reading these words, apparently you have begun to perceive that you are a sexual being with a heart, body and soul, and you desire [...]

21 March, 2019

Quantum Being course with Or Koren, Raquel Minako & Ron Oren, Brazil

By אור קורן|2019-03-21T17:06:05+02:00 21/03/2019|

Quantum Being course in Brazil with Or Koren, Raquel Minako and Ron Oren. 27/04 - 04/05, 2019  The course is in English with translation to Portuguese. For more information & registration please contact us at: (71) 9206 4769 ELAIN or click here   Register Now

21 March, 2019

TEMPLO – Intimidade & Presença#12 Workshop, Brazil

By אור קורן|2019-03-21T18:46:53+02:00 21/03/2019|

The flower the sun and holy spirit This is an invitation to a workshop where you will learn, How to be lovers of life and to enter the world in a continuous and nourishing presence As well as allow the experience of life to penetrate us and fill us. TEMPLO - Intimidade & Presença#12 Workshop, Brazil. With [...]

21 March, 2019

Conscious Sexuality Workshop, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

By אור קורן|2019-03-21T18:37:14+02:00 21/03/2019|

This is an invitation for deep and transformative meeting with your true self. Learning Profound Tools that allowing reconnection to your source of life and to the vital alive nature within you. A path of liberation healing and empowerment that you can take and apply in your life. If you are a therapist, facilitator or one [...]

21 March, 2019

Quantum Being Lecture, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

By אור קורן|2019-03-21T16:52:04+02:00 21/03/2019|

A lecture with Or Koren on Quantum being - a practice of connecting with our emotions through the infinite wisdom of our heart and our presence. This practice extends our ability to receive information at all levels of our being and allows emotional healing to happen. For more information & registration please click here Or call Alberto: [...]


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