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אנגלית ופורטוגזית – Quantum Being Courses

29-31.3/19 ריו – מודולה 1

5-7.4/19 סאו פאולו – מודולה 1

12-14.4/19 בלו הוריזונט – מודולה 1

27.4-4.5/19 וולי דה קפאו – מודולה 2

להרשמה צרו קשר ישירות איתי – אור קורן, במייל:  orkoren@gmail.com 


Quantum Being
A Liberating Healing and Empowering Journey
How to go inside and meet your shadows?
How to connect to your inner child and your animal body?
How to listen to your primal feeling and know how to put healthy boundaries?
Do you know your real power and strength?
How is the intimacy in your life?
What does intimacy mean to you? And how deep you allow this life force to be alive inside of you as part of your healthy life
Would you like to experience tools that will make you more whole and free?
Are you ready to live your life more fully and present, allowing yourself to touch life and experience pain and pleasure as equal?
Feel if you have the call to join us in this wild innocence liberating journey? Learning, practicing and experiencing ancient tools and shamanic journeys that connect spirit and matter, consciousness and the animal body, sensations, emotions and Love inside of you.

About the process
This deep journey is a powerful and authentic way of healing and transformation.
Its works with our life force, emotions, deep connection to the body through somatic experience, movements, sound and direct transmitting.
In its background, there are many years of teaching and learning modalities like martial arts, Chinese medicine, theta healing, family constellation, embodiment process, shamanism, sexual shamanic healing and more.
Quantum Being is Supported by those great techniques and tools, and at the same time our journey is yet free like the energy of love and go out of the box of any methods with deep listening to the mystery and the unknown of the present moment, and bringing what will support the field of the group and the individual needs in the most organic way.

The workshop journey
In the workshop, we'll Learn to release and shift emotions we hold on a cellular level and rewire our body and nerve system in new healing and empowering way, that brings new information and possibilities to our reality.
This is a truly liberating process that integrate the whole of us. heart, body, emotions, sexuality-life force and consciousness.
This workshop is for those who have the call to awake and live their life more fully, present, empowered, liberated and radiating.
It's a way of becoming lovers of life. Bringing the heart and love as an offer to life while manifesting your own journey, whether you are Therapists, teachers, leaders, parents that want to be an example of awaken and alive parents to their children, seekers and human beings that have the call awakening other by awaken ourselves.

Emotions are the bridge between the 'physical' body and the 'soul' just as Quantum particles are the bridge between 'matter' and 'consciousness'.

For Registration contact me via email: orkoren@gmail.com